Can helicopters be brought into the airpark?

Given the potential ramifications of allowing helicopters into the airpark, it is considered in the best interest of all owners that helicopters not be allowed into the airpark under their own power. A helicopter may be towed into the airpark by a tug.

What is largest jet that could be brought into the airpark?

The original developer’s intent for the airpark was for it to be a residential subdivision where aircraft are permitted to travel within. The FAA’s original intent, when approving the through-the-fence access to the Afton Airport, was that aircraft operations be limited to personal use, with commercial operations from the airpark being prohibited. It is in the best interest of the Association to prevent even the appearance of any commercial operations. With that in mind,  a good rule of thumb would be that aircraft permitted into the airpark should be certified to be flown single pilot. The gate opening from the runway is 63 feet. The largest wingspan that could uncomfortably go through the gate would be about 55 feet. The board has discussed placing limits on aircraft size and the board does not support any effort to have the opening of the gate enlarged or meeting the additional clearance requirements that might be necessary to accommodate larger aircraft throughout the airpark. The width of the gate opening serves as a good limitation on aircraft size.

I own two adjacent lots. Can I build a house on one lot and a hangar on the other lot?

No. As stated in §9.1.4 of the CCR’s a detached primary residential dwelling must precede or accompany any accessory building (hangar) constructed on a lot.

I own two adjacent lots. Can they be combined into one lot?

No. Any changes to the Final Plat of the Afton Airpark Addition to the Town of Afton are not in the best interested of the airpark or the owners of airpark properties and the board does not support any effort to make such changes.

Can I operate a home based business from my home in the airpark?

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions state that no commercial use shall be permitted on a Lot or within the Subdivision even if such use would be permitted under applicable zoning ordinances; provided however, this restriction shall not prohibit an owner from leasing his home or hanger provided that the tenant’s use thereof is consistent with the terms herein.

In addition, in granting the airpark through-the-fence access to the Afton Airport, the FAA has prohibited, the use of the airpark for aviation related commercial operations.