Why Afton Airpark?

The HOA and Declaration of Covenants retain the original developer’s intent.

  • Creating a residential planned unit development for those Owners who are aviation pilots and/or aviation enthusiasts and who wish to reside in a subdivision with taxiways where aircraft shall be permitted to travel within the bounds of the Subdivision;
  • Discouraging any conflicts between the use of aircraft within the planned unit development and the residential uses by the homeowners therein;
  • Creating and keeping the Subdivision desirable, attractive, beneficial, valuable and suitable in architectural design, materials and appearance for a high quality residential use mixed with an airpark;
  • Guarding against fires and other hazards and the unnecessary interference with the natural beauty of the Subdivision and the surrounding area; and
  • For the mutual benefit and general protection of each Lot, the Owners, and the adjoining Afton-Lincoln County Airport.

The Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions have been thoroughly written and reviewed to allow them to withstand challenge and preserve the investments of the members.

All lots are privately held.  There is no developer involved.  There are no gimmicks, no  charges, no fees, attached to purchasing a lot.

There is no transfer fee upon purchasing a lot.

Vehicle roads and aircraft taxiways never cross.

City water and sewer and high-speed fiber optic Internet to all lots.

Low monthly fees.  Just $100 per month to the HOA and $400 per year to the airport.

The runway is publicly maintained.  Lighted, plowed in the winter, with two GPS approaches and 7025’ X 75’. There is no ‘limited use’ during winter months.

Aircraft with wingspans up to 55’ can be accommodated.  Citation CJ3 and CJ4 are not a problem.  (there is no 12,000 lb weight limit)

Due process is required before the HOA has access to an owners lot for the purpose of correcting conditions which violate the declarations.